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We hear a lot about To-Do Lists. But today let's talk about a Not-To-Do List that we need to adhere to if you want to not screw up that Technical Interview that you have been wanting to crack for a long time.
Everyone talks about the benefits of To-Do Lists, but seldom we hear people talking about how important it is to maintain a Not-To-Do Lists.

Why is Not-To-Do List so important ?

The answer is simple. If you do hundreds of good things people may not notice or may not come to you and pat on your back for all your good deeds and all the positive impacts you made. But, mark it down, the moment you do a mistake the whole world will notice that irrespective of how many great accomplishments you had in past.
Same goes in the Technical Interview. You may have given your brilliant performance so far, but if you have made any of the mistakes mentioned below, chances are high that you will be highly penalized for that and may end up not getting an offer, or even worse, getting a much lower position offered, than the one you shot for. Committing any of the below mistakes will take you way farther away from the success than how close all your good performances in the interview took you to the success.

Let's make a Not-To-Do List now and make sure that we do not commit any of these mistakes during any of our Technical Interviews.

Not-To-Do List:

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